Saturday, January 22, 2011

I want one of those obnoxious, neon, lighted signs

The night of the rehearsal, my soon-to-be-married sister decided that I would be giving out communion during the wedding.  First thought, GERMS!  Yes, I said my 1st thought was germs (I know I'm a little, ok very demented). 
Wedding, I go up to hand out communion along with my brother who was chosen, also at the last minute, to give the wine.  The priest offers my brother and I before we all set down to offer communion to the rest of the guests.  1.  I don't like wine and 2. GERMS.
Fast forward to going to my sister's house to leave the kiddos while we go to the sister says, "You'll never guess what (cousin so and so) asked me at the church."  Me:  "What?" Sister:  "He asked if you were pregnant, because you didn't drink the wine."  This was just the beginning of the questions that were being fired at me. 
1.  When are you going to have another?  never
2.  You just never know what will happen.  ha, ha.  As if getting pregnant were easy
3.  You want another set of twins?  Not really planning on having any more.
4.  Twins don't run in the family, how crazy.  You are right, they don't.  Clomid=increased chances for multiples.  I am one of them.
5.  You must have your hands full. Sure do.  Don't really need to be reminded
6.  You actually tried to have them this close?  Army = long deployments. 
I would love to have a scrolling neon sign to wear for such events where you are drilled and feel completely exposed by the time you go through your infertility.  Not that most of the people try to understand everything you are saying, but damnit they need to know.  The more we talk about infertility, the more awareness we can receive. 

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  1. I think they have scrolling belt buckles. Maybe that would work. We could just put all of our answers on there so we don't have to awkwardly answer those annoying qustions.

    Happy ICLW! #100


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