Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Exploring

  • This week was full of exploring.  We visited three different play centers for the kids, yes, three. 
  • We went to one jump place that irritated me all the way down to my toes.  There were way too many big, BIG kids shoving, trampling, and pushing my three much smaller children along with others out of their way. 
  • Where were the parents?  Sitting on phones, iPads, you name it.  How about you put the device down for an hour to actually be engaged with your children and keep them under control!
  • There were several kids climbing on the top of the jumpies - ON THE TOP! 
  • We left when Addy got a fat lip and punched in the ear.  We all had, had enough.
  • Going to any play center is only enjoyable during the week.  We were the only people at two of the places for a couple hours. 
  • I really, really want a Color Nook - super bad. 
  • Addyson is still obsessed with wearing her hair in two braids, and I have now mastered putting it in two french braids.  It looks so damn cute. 
  • My children LOVE popcorn and just ate the last bag. 
  • Eligh has now started screeching and telling daddy and mommy no.  I do not like this new "tough boy" behavior he is channeling. 
  • Daddy told Eligh he was being sassy, and Eligh responded, "I am NOT being assy."
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  1. BOO for mean kids at the Jumpy place. A pet peeve of mine is when we go to play yards and kids taller than the height minimum are running around knocking the littler kid over. Argh.

    YAY for French braids! I can French braid my own hair, but am unable to French braid other people's hair...something about the way I hold my hands messes it up each time. I LOVE the way French braids look on little girls, suuuuuuper cute! :)

  2. Nothing more annoying than those parents who release their ape-kids to wreck havoc, while they blindly sit on.

    I love French braids...especially French braid piggy tails! Too cute! I cant wait until I'm able to do something with Alice's hair.

  3. God, I'm assy all the time!

    That jump situation would have pissed me off big time. Where were the people who worked there? They should be hazard (God, I sound like a dork, but really). Some places have specific times for different ages...I think that's smart.

  4. Oh how I want a nook too...I hope you get one.

    Crazy about the play center! That really stinks.

  5. The big kids in the jumpy places makes me crazy. All I can envision is a broken leg. So stressful.

    I love the "assy" comment. heee hee hehee

  6. Parents who don't watch their kids at play areas make me want to scream! I try not to take my eyes off of them anytime we go somewhere like that.

    As your kids get older, they will be sad when noone else is at the play area. My kids, especially Lauren, claim that it is "boring" if there are no other kids.

    I definitely recommend the Nook Color. I love mine and don't know how I lived without it before!


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