Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bigger than the bowl

Today, if you come by our house you will hear the following:  yelling, screaming, cheering, chanting, taunting, items being thrown, feet stomping, and the sound of someone weeping.  Why is that?  My husband and I will be watching the Bears vs. The Packers, which in our opinion is bigger than the Superbowl.  We are a house divided and it is going to get ugly here this afternoon.  U-G-L-Y. 

For those of you who don't know or care about this game, cheer for the Bears, ok?  Thanks. 

For a little Sunday fun, ask me a question.  Any thing you want to ask?  Go ahead, ask. 


  1. Where is the best place (geographical location) that you've ever lived?

  2. Hoping the Bears win for you ;)

    If you had all the time in the world (and money) what would you do? Lets assume the kids are being taken care of and you have no worries there ;)

  3. Sorry about your loss...:(

    What is your favorite piece of furniture?


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