Saturday, January 22, 2011


First, I want to say thank you to everyone sending me the positive thoughts and prayers.  I had so much emotion and anticipation built up inside of me and by the time I got home and talked to my family, I crashed.  I had fallen from my emotional high and did not have the energy to even begin to think to write a blog.  So, I'm sorry for making so many of you wait for the news.
We (me and two of my friends) got to the appointment a little early and I instantly felt like I was going to throw up from nerves.  Cody called right after I sat down and I told him that it wasn't time yet and for him to call in about 10/15 minutes.  I knew that the tech would have to do all the measurements before we did anything it would be a while.  Soon after I was called back.  Gulp, moment of truth was awaiting me.  The tech gets me all ready, with some surprisingly warm, almost hot, gel on my belly and we see the babies moving around.  Whew, there are still two babies.  Alright, let me see that both their hearts are beating, check.  The tech started with baby A (on my left side).  Heather was manning the phone and I asked the tech if I could talk to my husband when he called, and she had no problem with it what so ever.  When the tech did the heartbeat Cody could hear it loud and clear and he said, "I miss hearing that."  He was there for all but maybe one or two of my appointments with Addyson and he always loved hearing the heartbeat.  She did all the measurements and we were ready to take a peak at what sex baby a was.  Legs were apart and this is what we saw:
Heather passed the phone so I could tell Cody that baby a was a girl.  His response, "Are you sure?"  LOL!  Yes, definitely a girl.  He was excited, just to actually know.  Then, came the growth of baby a.  She weighed in at 14ozs (391 grams) and was one week ahead.  PERFECT!  Ahead is great, especially with twins.  Relief set more baby to go.
Baby B was pretty stubborn.  Kept doing flip flops and refused to do a profile shot.  The tech had the hardest time getting a good picture of the heart, just because of all the movement.  I am explaining to Cody everything that is going on so that he can feel as if he was actually there with me.  Tech was able to get a good shot of the legs and this is what we all saw:
Baby B is a boy!  Very obvious!  LOL!  Cody was soooooo excited.  One of each, perfect, he said.  We talked for a little while longer and he was dying to call his dad to share the news.  Of course I let him go, because I knew I still had another appointment to go and he was about to jump out of his skin with excitement.  Baby B is also 14ozs (400grams) and also measuring a week ahead.
So the babies are 9 grams apart and have strong heartbeats in the high to mid 140's.  We couldn't be happier.
Here are a couple more pics of the babies:
Baby_a_19_weeks_5_days_a Baby_b_19_weeks_5_days
The appointment couldn't have gone smoother, except of course if Cody was there, but with my friends there it made it mean the world to me and I was able to truly enjoy it all.
I have my next appointment in 4 weeks for another U/S, which will be cool.
I would write more, but I'm still coming off that emotional high and am feeling beyond exhausted.

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