Saturday, January 8, 2011

A rare vent

It is extremely rare that you will read a blog complaining about my husband, but today it is needed. 

I am 100% envious/jealous of the following:
  • He only has to worry about one person, himself.
  • He can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, because again he only has to worry about himself.
  • If he chooses to sleep 12+ hours (even if he is sick/in pain) he can.
  • He has access to the gym whenever he chooses
  • It is always quiet
Yes, I'm bitter and I know he HAS to be away to finish up leaving GA for good.  I know he is working and doesn't even have access to internet or tv, but it does NOT change the fact that I am angry about it all.  I have NEVER had the chance/opportunity to be away from all responsibilities and only have to worry about myself. 

****Just to clarify:  He is not out partying or running all over the place, but he is alone and working on his time. 


  1. Yes, I would like all of the things that he is getting right now, but I'll bet he's awfully lonely.

  2. I will admit that I sometimes have similar thoughts about my husband. He works nights a lot, so we leave before he wakes up, and he can sleep as long as he wants. Because he is usually on nights, I have to get myself and the girls ready every day, and I bear the responsibility of getting them after school and making sure they have dinner, and baths, and get them ready for bed. But, when he is home, he does help a lot! I hope that C will be back home with you guys soon.

  3. Oh did I have a vent last night! Men...

    I am awarding you today on my blog, swing over to check it out later~

  4. My husband is the worst sick person ever.

    And, you totally get to complain. I don't know how you do it by yourself!

  5. *hugs*
    I understand.

    Mike gets to go on "business trips" What I wouldn't do for a "business trip" some days.


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