Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers 1/07/11

  • The stomach flu has come and gone through the house, and we are all now fighting runny noses and the twins are coughing quite a bit. 
  • I'm annoyed that it's been 11 days since Eligh started meds, and "should" be completely better.  But, last night I had to get up with him 3 different times because he was coughing non-stop.  I'm still giving him the cough meds, as that is as needed.  Isn't 11 days enough?!
  • I have written a post before complaining about grocery shopping with three small children, especially when I can't find a cart to fit all of them, but here we have carts that fit all three and the two times I have had to take all of them with me, there is an abundance of them.  This makes me simply happy. 
  • The kids all scream and laugh with joy when we drive to and from the house.  Hilly and curvy roads make my kids happy, but they make me nervous and I wish they would sometimes not be shouting as I try to maneuver around on some of these county roads.  Give and take, right?
  • A few colleges I've looked into for my masters are now calling to set up phone conferences to start the process.  I'm dragging my feet, because of a million reasons.  I want to do this, but am I ready? 
  • Eligh now shouts at me, "Don't you tell me what to do, MOMMY!  Don't you yell at me, MOMMY!" 
  • Yes, I'm yelling at him, because I want him to EAT!  His pants that fit enough in the waist are now falling down to his ankles and he comes waddling to me to fix them.  I think he is losing weight. 
  • More days than less, I'm finding I have zero patience left for Kinsley.  She pushes every single button and DOES NOT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!! 
  • I had a near anxiety attack this week, when Kinsley decided to close the bedroom and bathroom doors.  I went to go get something from the girls' room, and it was locked.  Well....the doors have those pinholes and I was not left with a fancy unlock thingamajig.  After many devices were tried, I was able to successfully unlock the door. 
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  1. I just tonight said to T that not that K can open doors on her own we need to change the door knobs so that there are no locks.

    We are just getting to that defiant stage, oh I am NOT a fan....

    Also, we had the stomach flu (K and I) and then we moved into the upper resp stuff. Coughing, sneezing, runny has been 3 weeks or more and we are both still ick. I went to the Dr today and don't have strep, sinus or ear infection. Just a bad cold.

    Hope you all feel better soon~

  2. I wonder if E's cough could be due to some sort of allergy drainage. I have to give both of my kids allergy medicine (claritin for kids) every night. If I don't, they cough the entire night. I know he was just very sick, but this could be an underlying casue. Just a thought, I could be totally wrong. But it is strange that the cough medicine isn't helping. It also helps my kids stop coughing at night when I give them a spoonful of honey. It doesn't make the cough completely go away, but it makes it so that they can sleep all night without waking. I hope you find your answer soon.
    I hope that K leaves this stage soon. I have gone through similar stages with both of my girls, and I know they are not fun at all.

    And, I feel your pain with the not eating thing. You know I went through the same thing with Lauren. It got so bad that I even took her to the doctor and they ran a million tests. The doctor basically told me that she would eat when she is hungry, and not to force her to eat. So, that is what we did (but it was SUPER SUPER hard). It lasted for about 9 months or so, and then finally passed. Now, she outeats me most days. I hope it passes quickly for you!

  3. Sounds like craziness around your house...typical, right?

    If you're not 100% ready for the Master's, put it off. You will only beat yourself up if you don't do well and you won't do well if you're not putting 100% effort forth. Does that make sense? What are you going back for again?

    The eating Hailey is such a skinny mini that it sometimes makes my stomach turn when she sucks it in! Gross!

  4. I only have 2, but finding the right grocery cart for them is nearly impossible. And, for whatever reason, they are always insanely dirty at our grocery store. It's disturbing.


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