Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of the worst days of my life

Originally posted 6/06/09
If you thought it was bad before with Addyson, it got much worse.

Recap of Thursday:

Said goodbye to our friends, lots and lots of tears and hugs.  Sad.  

11:00 put Kinsley and Eligh down for a nap, as they both didn't take a morning nap and were exhausted.  

12:30 Kinsley gets up, I feed her lunch and let her play.  

1:15 Put Kinsley down for a nap

2:00/2:15 (little hazy here) Kinsley is awake.  I check on Eligh since he had still been sleeping since 11.  Eligh is slumped over totally out of it.  I pick him up and he is shaking.  He is burning up, take temp 103.  Give him Tylenol and sit him on the floor so I can get Kinsley and a now screaming/crying Addyson.  Eligh plops over.  Get the girls, look at Eligh and realize that he can't lift his entire right side of his body.  Pick him up, call my sister who tells me to call an ambulance.  

Call 911, call Cody, call nanny, and just hold Eligh.  Kinsley is in great spirits, Addyson is miserable and doesn't want anything.

Cody and the nanny both get here before the ambulance.  Ridiculous.  

We take him to the ER and come to the conclusion that he had a febrile seizure.  He regained all use of his right side, by the time we got there.  90 year old doctor comes in and looks at his throat, ears, and listens to his lungs, and said he sounds clear.  Run some blood and everything comes back fine, must just be teething.  

I explained to the doctor that children are NOT to get a fever this high with teething, that his older sister has an bacterial infection in her throat, blah, blah, blah.  
They send us home and tell us to keep giving him Tylenol and Motrin. 

Long night, with both Addyson and Eligh fighting fevers.  

I call the kids' doctor in the morning and schedule an appointment.  I take Eligh in, and he is still miserable.  He ate a few ounces since 11, and has been sleeping ever since.  He just laid on me falling asleep.  The doctor checks him out, and shows me his mouth and throat (there are ulcers).  

He asked if the ER doctor even looked at his throat, I said yes, and he said it was teething.  The doctor said that anything over 101 is not related to teething.  We are in agreeance and he seems just as irritated as I am with the ER doctor.  Basically, Eligh had to suffer longer then he should have, because the old guy at the ER probably couldn't see a damn thing.  

He has a coxsackievirus which can lead to hand, foot, mouth disease.  We have some meds to give him 4 times a day to help soothe his throat and mouth.  Kinsley is getting treated along with Eligh, as the two of them chew on everything, including each other.  

As I was driving home, I kept thinking that I wasn't cleaning enough.  I needed to bleach everything sooner then I normally would have.  Then, all of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head, they don't go to daycare, but we did go to toddler time on Monday.  I let all the kids play and run around for a good hour.  This is why we never do ANYTHING!  It always bites us in the ass.  Always.  

My poor babies have the weakest immune system and seem to get everything that there is to get.  

Last night Eligh was up a lot just screaming in pain and unfortunately there was nothing we could do for him to make him happy.  It was heartbreaking.  He is drooling non stop, and not really wanting to eat or drink anything (even worse then his normal anti drinking strike he seems to be on).  He has been a lot more playful this morning, no fever as of 11pm last night.  Addyson hasn't had a fever since 2:00 and is finally taking most of her new medicine (as she wouldn't take the other stuff).  Kinsley has a low grade fever, but is also getting her top left front tooth, but is in a great mood.   

As far as mommy is concerned, I'm beat.  I can handle not sleeping, but I can't handle feeling so helpless and responsible for this whole mess.  I'm the one that insisted on taking the kids to the playground, I should have checked on Eligh sooner, maybe the whole seizure would have been avoided. I just keep picturing his lifeless body, him staring into space, him shaking, he couldn't lift his head at all.  It was a living nightmare...and it can't escape my head.  I can't shake it away.  It just keeps replaying over and over in my head like a scratched dvd. 

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