Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cue boo-hooing in 5,4,3,2,1

Yesterday after naps we decided to take a drive to Target.  We needed some type of shelving system in the bathroom/laundry room and I could NOT find anything at Walmart that was going to work.  We thought it was about 45 mins away, but we were soooo wrong!  It was an hour drive on hilly, curvy county roads.  Kinsley spent over half the drive crying, "My timmy hurts, my timmy hurts." (aka know as her tummy).  She is the child we give Benadryl/Dramine to during long road trips, as she has been known to vomit all over the place.  Thankfully, we arrived without any vomit filled children and found a solution to our lack of a linen closet.  We had some dinner and decided to head back, as we had to drive another hour back in the dark - which was terrifying for me.  Hills and curvy roads with woods surrounding us kept me on the edge of my seat searching for deer and frogs crossing the road (yes, there were and are signs about frogs crossing the road).  Sorry, but if I see a frog in the road, I'm probably not going to stop - call me cruel. 

Today I spent some time searching some other key locations that I tend to visit, especially around birthdays and other holidays, and they are even further away - some even 2 whole hours.!

The town we are living in is busier than where we lived in GA and has plenty of places close by, but these other stores and children's activities are much, much further away.  There are two other towns we need to explore that are supposed to be between 20 and 40 mins away and hopefully there are some other things to do on the base, because I'm not all about traveling an hour plus away that frequently.  Looks like I will have to do holiday shopping mostly online for the next couple of years. 

How far away are your favorite stores/activity places?  How far are you willing to travel for shopping or fun?


  1. Ugh. That is the pits that things are so far away from you. Hoping you find closer things in the other two towns left to explore.

    I live in an area that is fairly close to everything. I think the max is a 15 minute drive to 30 minutes depending on which end of town I start from. Plus we have the BIG city about an hour and 15 minutes away should we want/need to go there.

  2. Well I live in the boondocks, so pretty much anything fun is a good hour away. We have a dinky little grocery market near by, but to go major grocery shopping it is a good 25 minute ride. I generally do Pea Pod (grocery delivery) and recently found (paper products/household stuff delivery).

  3. I wouldn't brake for frogs either ;)

    We live about ten minutes from the grocery store and a super walmart, but if I want a mall, target, or a BRU then I have to drive at least an hour. All dr appts are at least 30-45 minutes away. I refused to switch drs when I didn't know how long we'd be living here (probably another six months ???).

  4. I travel 20 minutes for shopping (Target, mall, BJ's) and 45 for fun (Baltimore Inner Harbor, National Harbor in DC, etc). Those are my limits.

    Frogs scare me so much that I pee a little...just saying.

  5. Jacksonville is huge, so sometimes we end up driving 30-45 minutes to do "fun" things on the other side of town. But groceries are only 5 minutes away and Wal-Mart/Target 15.


  6. Thankfully, we have a little, itty bit of everything here in our town, but if I want more, I have to drive 20 min. to an hour. Typically, I make due with what is here unless I want something specific.

  7. We've always had this issue. Even now, we have to drive to the suburbs for most things. We do have a small Target here. Before, we had to drive an hour and a half. I do a lot of shopping online and we turn shopping into an all day adventure sometimes as well.

  8. When can I start giving my son meds for car sickness? I need something right now we cant go anywhere for over an hour without him getting sick in the car :( He is 2 and weighs about 24 pounds


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