Thursday, November 15, 2012

That's how we roll

I was extremely worried and stressed about how I would manage our schedule, errands, organizing a holiday bazaar, dance, and taking Addyson to and from school on my own for six weeks.  But, surprisingly, I have figured it out.  This isn't a pat on my back type moment, but not having family, a babysitter, or your spouse around for several weeks is not easy by any means.

Today, Addyson had to throw me through a loop.  

After picking up Addyson from school (after Eligh fell hard on the cafeteria floor - screaming/crying in pain), the kiddos had a quick snack and played for about an hour or so, and then Addyson had to get dressed and ready for dance.  I  packed up dinner, cups, and entertainment for the twins, and scurry them all out to the van.  I get the movie set up, kiddos put on their headphones, I give everyone their dinners and cups and off we headed for our 40ish minute drive to dance.  Typically, it is an easy ride.  The kids eat and watch a movie while I catch up with people on the phone or enjoy some quiet.  Not tonight.  Far from it!

About ten minutes into the drive, Addyson is crying that she has to go to the bathroom and that her tummy hurts (I'm thinking #2 and her never-ending constipation).  Miles later we finally get to an exit, unload everyone (praying there is a bathroom), and just as we get on the sidewalk Addyson vomits.  Huh?  What the heck just happened?  I move her and the twins away to a more remote spot where she vomits one more time, head inside where she uses the bathroom, and declares she is better (which she was).

And....we trudge on and continue our madness of an evening...because that is how this family rolls.  One ounce of crazy, unexpected madness after another.

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