Sunday, November 11, 2012

An attempted special treat gone so very wrong

It has been a long, busy weekend.  Addyson had her first two performance team dance shows on Friday evening and another one yesterday.  Today we are filled with spooky winds that howl and make the kids freak as well as a power outage for an hour and hours of rain.

To escape the power outage, we left to return a movie and pick up another.  Picking out a movie with three kids' opinions can be a never ending cycle.  When we are watching a movie together it must be a neutral movie.  No Barbies, princesses,  Avengers, or trains.  We head straight for the kids section and I automatically start vetoing the following movies:  previously watched/owned, Dora (I hate that chica), Thomas, computerized movies, and most tv character movies.  All while they are each grabbing movies, discussing them, staring at them, and begging to watch them.  But, they do not all three agree.  Addyson and Eligh find "Space Buddies" - I believe the only Buddy movie we haven't seen.  Perfect!  Kinsley automatically says no and starts grabbing scary movies (huh?).  Halloween is over, we are moving past those movies - not happening, and both her and Addyson have nightmares.

I hold onto the movie, and we do a walk through the newer releases to find a few that we have already seen, but again nothing they agree upon.  I marched them back over to the kid section and tell Kinsley to come up with a better option as we have already spent twenty minutes picking out a movie.  Ten minutes later and she finally gives in to the movie.  Kids are happy, so I give them the option of picking up dinner and eating at home or eating at the restaurant - they choose the restaurant.  I give them their threats and we head in.  Soon after ordering we have to make our first bathroom trip (sucks when you are alone as you can't leave your purse and have one more thing to lug and keep track of).

Dinner comes, kids fight about not eating it (even though they picked it) and again threats of no movie and early bed time.  I compromise and give them each an amount they must eat before leaving.

Get home (power is back - yay), give all three a bath, pjs, and they get situated for their movie.

Upon sitting down and the movie starting the three of them asked, "Can we have popcorn?"  (HELL NOOOOO  -  you boogers fought me on eating your damn dinner that I took you out for, which is a special opportunity).
"Nope, but if you are still hungry you can have the rest of your dinner." 

Of course they did not like that idea.

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  1. I swear this happens all the time at our house. Bee and I often talk about how it seems like the more we try to do special things the more they act like fools :)


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