Thursday, October 25, 2012

Performance team

Addyson really enjoys many activities and wants to try them all, and we let her as long as there are no conflicts.

Back in August, I signed her up for dance and was approached about signing her up for performance team as well, which is not competition. Performance team is the younger version of competition and essentially a much smaller group of kids. They learn one routine and will perform it at a variety of events throughout the year. season started after dance registration. Practices were each on separate days, so we were all set. But, I wasn't informed that the games would be on different days than practice. Of course games ended up being on the same day as performance team practice and she went to soccer over dance. The main lady in charge of the entire program said she could just join rift back in after soccer ended.

Today was her first day back, and her teacher and the head lady welcomed her and were so excited to see her and even after practice did a private class for her to learn the routine. She has her first performance in just a couple of weeks, and I really thought that she would not be joining this performance with how late she has rejoined, but her instructor was very impressed with how quickly she was picking up the steps and feel at this point she should perform.

We shall see how she does at next week's practice and if I can get her to practice any at home.

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  1. That is so awesome. It definitely sounds like she's found her niche.


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