Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bedding - kid edition

All three of my kiddos have a quilt, each unique to them.

Addyson has had her quilt since she received her twin bed around 15 months.  It's on it's last leg and needs some updating.

She currently has this one Her decorations in her room match these colors, and she has pink curtains.  It must be girly, it must have some pink, and I would prefer a quilt.  But, I am thinking the quilt hunt is going to be over and I am going to have to settle on a comforter.  Those that have comforters - how long do they last?


  1. Try the Company Store - they have a lot of cute quilts, often with decent sales.

  2. We just moved from a comforter to a quilt. The girls have comforters and I just find them to be cheaply made. I have found that it's hard to find a comforter that will also be timeless and grow with their changing tastes. I can't wait to see what you find.


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