Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trying to push through it

Every time I get into a good routine of working out some injury flares up.  Last week I had injection in my arm to help the carpal tunnel and tennis elbow acting up in my arm.  I fought through and altered my work out routine, and even the trainer at the gym changed up the class to go around my injury (as I was not supposed to pick up or use weights with that arm at all).

While also trying to treat the arm issues, my feet have been tingling for just as long.  I finally got into the podiatrist yesterday and she informed me that I have some pinched nerves in between my toes, and gave me two injections in one foot, and if it gets rid of the tingling, two more in the other foot in two weeks.  Doctor informed me the best way to get it to heal is to rest and stay off my toes (jump rope, etc).  Well....I don't listen, because I am tired of resting and want to keep up with my routine and with the crappy news we received last week I need something to help me get through it all, even if it is only an hour out of the day where my mind is on something else, I will take it.

Is age 30 when things start to go down hill?  Am I being punished?

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  1. Pinched nerves between your toes? That makes me cringe just thinking about it.


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