Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry "fake" Christmas

Last night (fake Christmas Eve), the kiddos opened up travel bags filled with goodies for our long drive to Disney from grandma and grandpa. We watched a new Christmas movie, "Santa Paws 2." We left out cookies for Santa, an apple for the reindeer, and of course some milk to wash down the cookies. Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" and off to bed they went. Usually it takes no more than 30 minutes for the kiddos to fall asleep. Last night over an hour.

I arranged the gifts under the tree, filled stockings, and wrote a note from Santa. Daddy assembled the Barbie house.

Finally to sleep we went just shy of midnight. The kiddos didn't get out of bed until 630 - I was prepared for much earlier.

Finally, a small sampling of some of their excitement.


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