Friday, June 22, 2012

Swim skin and pirates

We have been swimming every single day and we still have two more full days here. Eligh's skin is raw in spots from the chlorine, but there is no stopping him from jumping in. Addy is becoming more and more brave and does not wear her vest but for short periods of rest.

Tomorrow we are going boating for the first time - it shall be interesting.

What I really need is your creative kinds to come up with a pirate themes snack to bring to an outdoor t-ball game this week.


  1. I pinned a couple snacks for you in my fun and yummy board on pinterest.

    we have spent the past 3 days swimming at the pool and now that you mention it, k has a weird pimply rash on her temples, i wonder if it is from the chlorine??

  2. I know I'm probably too late, but what about Pirate Booty? It's already pre-packaged and you can just buy it and go.

  3. Goldfish? Jerkey? Not a creative kind, but I tried at least. Hope you have fun!


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