Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will we, won't we, a trip to the zoo, and procrastination

The whole will we won't we get paid kept me up and I awaited the official news before finally sleeping.  Cody was passed out on the couch.  Lazy bum.  

Since we found out we would still be receiving our pay, we decided to ask the monkeys if they wanted to do something today.  Of course they all chimed in with:
"A play place." 
"A playground."
"The zoo."
"I want to watch a movie."  (umm...really?)

With it being just two short days until the diva's birthday we went with her first choice, the zoo.  It was not completely planned, but we did get out the door by 8:30.  This included feeding everyone, getting everyone dressed, making and packing lunches (I'm cheap), packing extra clothes (my kids like to throw up in the car), extra shoes, a shower for me, coffee, taking out the stroller, putting in the wagon, and loading everyone up. 

As soon as we got in the van.
Addy:  "I've never seen this zoo before." 
Mommy:  "Me either." 
Addy: "I don't have my zebra shirt!  Where is my zebra shirt?"  (She wore a zebra striped tank top when we last visited the zoo in October in the state of Florida.  She remembers everything.)
Kinsley:  "I don't have my unicorn shirt."  (A newer shirt that has been worn twice and is long-sleeved, but she just likes to repeat everything Addy says and or does).
Mommy:  "Girls, you are just fine in the dresses you picked out.  Addy, I will find your zebra shirt for our next trip.  Kinsley, are you ok?" 
Girls:  "Ok!!!!"
Phew, crisis averted.

If I was not "supposed" to be researching and writing a paper right now I would upload the pictures from today, but then Cody would find out that I am not really doing my work while he hammers away on his own school work.  I do have some information pulled up and I am flipping between blogging and researching, doesn't that count?  I had a couple drinks tonight so I just cannot focus, and yes, I am going to use that as my excuse.

Isn't this post very random? 


  1. I am very impressed that you can get everyone up and out the door by 8:30. That would simply never happen in my house. My daughter is just as lazy as I am!

    p.s. I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this before, but I will. The red words on the light blue background? Very hard on the eyes!! I love your layout but think it would be easier to read if the font was black, or another dark color.

  2. The only way i can get one child out the door by 8:30 is by packing and prepping EVERYTHING the night before. You go rock star.

  3. I always multi task when doing my schoolwork. I flip between work, email, facebook and blogging. I swear that it's the only way I can keep chugging along.

  4. Impressive getting out the door by 8:30! What time did you get up and start all of this?

    I need to get passes to the zoo. Putting that on to-do list...

    And I always multi-task between things. When I had homework, I'd switch between things. That way you don't get overwhelmed ;-)

  5. i agree 830 is dang good girl and so glad to hear the pay thing all worked out!

  6. You should always drink while makes for better material.

    "my kids like to throw up in the car" = gross! That freaking sucks!

    Sounds like a lovely day...I'm glad we ALL got paid!


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