Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What does miserable look like?

I have posted several times about this coughing chorus that has entered my house.  I wish I could say it has left, but it has not.  This morning I had full intentions of getting up an hour before the monkeys to run on the treadmill, I even had the clothes ready and everything.  But, someone (Addy) had a different plan for me.  At a nice 5 am, Addy came down the stairs screaming in pain that her ear hurt.  I got her settled down and back to sleep in our bed (which was not a good sleep as every few minutes she was hacking all over me).  I am very much still tired and I know that I am lucky to normally receive a full night's rest, and I need it back. 
So I bring you the monkeys' version of what miserable looks like. 

We began with vomiting (yes, that is a balloon from the day before when they were all healthy).

 Still smiling, but notice the paleness and watery eyes

A 6 hour ER visit

Post breathing treatment

At the doctor - reading the bible, maybe searching for health.

It just doesn't look worse than this.

*All photos were taken with my phone, because it just didn't seem right to take a picture of them with a good camera.  Most of these pictures were taken to share with Cody while he was at work. 


  1. Poor babies. Nothing is worse than 3 sick kiddos. Here's hoping for health soon.

  2. Oh poor babies! I hope everyone gets healthy soon! Sick kiddos is the worst! (well after sick husbands-what babies!)

  3. Poor, poor babies. I'm so sorry everyone is sick. Big hugs to you guys (while I'm wearing a mask, of course) and I hope you're on the mend.

  4. Carrie...I'm so sorry. This sucks so much and it just makes us Mamas feel so helpless! I hate the watery eyes, but the ER trip? The worst!


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