Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - even mommy's need time outs

  • This week we had a tick scare with Addy.  It wasn't the finding or removal of the tick that scared us, it was her reaction and once talking to the nurse who informed us to bring her in within the hour, that is what caused me to freak the hell out.  I believe we are out of the scare stage and she simply has a swollen lymph node near the bite mark, but is fine. 
  • My sister is getting a divorce, the only divorce in the family.  It is necessary and a long-time coming, but it is getting scary and at night I can't sleep thinking about what if.  Yes, it is that bad. 
  • I just finished reading "Something Borrowed," which simply grabbed my attention, downloaded "Something Blue" and just saw that there is a movie coming out for "Something Borrowed" in a few days.  Perfect timing. 
  • Speaking of books, I had to have my Nook unregistered and then registered again because of some technical problems.  I was pacing waiting for my time frame to restart was up.  I do not like to be interrupted from my reading. 
  • I need to share the napping and sleep routines we have going on here these days, because boy has it all changed.  Eligh is the king of no naps and is currently in his room randomly kicking the wall.  Little shit. 
  • Kinsley went from being potty trained all day to  being 100% trained, no diapers, pull-ups EVER.  She didn't want to wear her diaper to bed this week and was so very upset that we were going to put it on, so I let her try it out.  No accidents at naps or bedtime all week.  
  • I think I know how to potty train Eligh - make him wear princess diapers.  He loves his monkey diapers and when I go to change him and ask him to use the potty he simply says, "I.don't.want.tooooo!!!!"  So....I told him I was going to put him in a princess diaper and he freaked out.  Cody would probably kick me out of the house if he saw his son in a princess diaper. 
  • Addy likes going to t-ball because it is something to do, but she is bored.  She told me she wants to dance (of course - stupid wait list) and run (I'm thinking soccer).  She would probably be the one out in the field picking flowers or her nose.  So, we'll finish up the month of training and we chose not to register her for the real games this summer.  
  • TMI - there cannot be any more weekend morning nookie.  This week the girls have been coming out of their room and into my room as soon as they wake up.  They used to just scream for us to come get them.  I could put a lock on their door again, but there was another day this week that the girls went to the bathroom and headed back to their room, which did allow me a little extra sleep.   
  • Today I went bananas on the children and locked myself in my room for five whole minutes.  I just could not take another whine or cry, especially with the annoying headache I had.  
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  1. We do have a lock on K's door. Since she is still in a crib i haven't used it yet, but i am certain that day will come.

    I recal when my niece was around 3 she walked in on my BF and I DTD...not fun

  2. I love Emily Giffin!! Have you read her others? They're all good.

    I had to give myself a time out yesterday too. I don't hit my children and I have never wanted to so bad. I was biting my lip and crunching my hands together. Thank god for rooms with doors!

  3. i loved something borrowed and something blue cant wait for the movie

  4. I've been wanting to read Something Borrowed! I gotta hit up the library.

    And a Mommy time-out...a genius idea!

  5. Tick season is definitely upon us! Too bad they don't make Frontline for people...

  6. I love a good Mommy Time-Out.

    I am not a fan of morning offense...sorry yours had to end!

    I love the princess diaper idea...classic!


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