Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • The sick came into my house and is making a cozy little home.  Addy woke up Wednesday crying of stomach pain and spent more than half the day vomiting. 
  • Wednesday evening Cody went to bed coughing and complaining of a sore throat. 
  • Today the twins have runny noses and coughs along with Cody still hacking non-stop.  
  • I am not a mean person, but I really can't stand listening to Cody hacking all the time, especially with how loud it is, for fear of keeping or waking up the kiddos.  
  • Yesterday I put Kinsley in panties again for the 6th attempt.  She is wearing them today and I'm going to try and push through it this time and see if she can get the hang of it in a week.  If she can actually use the potty instead of sitting on it a 100 times, I will know I can do it. 
  • 10 more days until the princess' 4th birthday.  Sigh. 
  • This week I started back on track with working out, you know since we have a new treadmill in our garage and all.  I ran two miles on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I did another mile on an elliptical before attending an hour long Zumba class on Wednesday.  I want to get back up to 3 miles, but that is going to take some time.
  • I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be broken forever with this back pain.  
  • We need a four bedroom house, and I might, just might, look into our option when our year lease is up.  
  • Bedtime is extremely stressful with the girls (another post for that).
  • Who has weekend plans?  Share what you plan on doing - cleaning is not a plan I want to hear about, though, ok?  
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  1. Stopping in from FNL...

    Hope the sick is gone quickly!

    We just potty trained our oldest this week and it was EXHAUSTING. The "fake-outs" every 5 minutes make me want to scream!

  2. Sending you potty vibes and no more sickness vibes...

    Plans for this weekend nothing. Nothin.. at all

  3. I agree about the hubby's making too much noise. When Sean had stomach flu he was so loud with his wretching, I could hear him across the house!

    Good luck with potty training!

    Yay for you working out! I need to start in a few weeks.

    Hoping everyone gets better quickly!

    No plans for this weekend. No car, nowhere to go.

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Our house is 4 bedrooms and I love it. This way if we ever have a 3rd baby I can just demolish my Hubs office...tee hee:)

  5. I'm not a mean person, but...

    I love when people start sentences like that ;)

    We need 4 bedrooms too, but we only have 2 kids...I have no doubt that you do!

    We went to the aquarium yesterday in the Baltimore Harbor and now we're just going to try to chill out today...the Crazies are exhausted!!!

  6. 10 more days!?! Unbelievable. Who let them grow up :)

    So far this weekend we've had Tot's birthday party, some consignment shopping and I had sushi lunch with my girlfriends.


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