Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I ran once this week, once!  Stupid cold, I hate you.  
  • Speaking of cold, Eligh and Kinsley are still coughing all day and night.  No fevers, nothing we can do.  
  • I can't believe I now have a 4 year old.  The attitude and sass is there, but it makes me sad.  It will always make me sad, so you will just have to deal with my sadness every April and September.  
  • Kinsley is out of diapers (except naps and bedtime - which will take time).  We have made several longer trips and outings to verify.  As much as I want this, it also makes me sad to see her running around and not hearing a diaper. 
  • Today I'll be picking up a custom-made cake to celebrate Addy's bday with her grandma (my mom).  I can't wait to see the finished product. 
  • My mom will be heading down this afternoon and getting in late to celebrate Addy's bday tomorrow.  Saturday Addy, my mom, and I will be meeting a princess.  Addy has no clue.  
  • I really do not like being in restaurants that still allow smoking.  If there was a wall or division some how I could probably handle it more, but instead I leave reeking of smoke and instantly have to shower.  I blame my mother who puffed smoke in my presence for 19years.
  • I put our name on the wait list for on-post housing.  We are just exploring our options. 
  • This may be silly, but Addy is starting a pre-k program next week.  We have been on a list and they finally called.  She'll only be there for a month, but I think (or hope) that it will make next year's full year transition easier.  
  • Eligh is covered in scabs.  We have been outside a lot this week, and this boy can't walk without falling.  He doesn't cry when he has fallen nor do you know he is gushing blood until you see it dripping off his body.  But, then we MUST put a band-aid on the boo-boo or that's when the tears will flow.  
  • Easter is coming up.  Who has plans?  Where are you going?  If you are cooking, what are you making?  
  • One last thing:  I'm closing out a Scentsy party by early tomorrow, so if you are wanting something send me an email or you can simply order through the link.  Order now, and you could have a gift for your mother, or maybe you, yourself would like something for being such a rockin' mom.  Go on splurge, you deserve it!
As always, check out our host, Danifred, because she is simply amazing. 


  1. Would on-post housing be cheaper? Wouldn't it be nice to save some $$$? Sister's house...can't wait!

    You have a 4-year old...awesome.

  2. Your kids are growing up too fast!! And so is mine. :(

  3. I can't believe she's 4! Where does the time go?

    Jealous about the potty training...want to come train my boys? :-)

    No plans for Easter. I don't even know when it is! Hm...I should really figure that out. I'd hate for the Easter Bunny to not visit due to my mush brain. Lol.

  4. I am headed to my aunts with the kids for easter on sunday and sat we are having an egg hunt for them at my moms and sometime this week I will get around to easter buny visit lol

    as for non smoking i am a former smoker and i love the fact u cant smoke in IL at all :)


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