Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - I declare

  • This is weighing very heavily on our family, and it irritates the piss out of me that so many people are oblivious to it.  I was venting to my sister, who had not even a clue.  So either we will be getting a full paycheck this coming week or half, that's a HUGE difference on an already tight budget. 
  • We had the week of the sick, which included an ER visit, a doctor's visit for all, 4 boxes of kleenex, a crap ton of fever reducing meds, and interrupted sleep. 
  • I screwed up my back, again.  Not just the annoying pain that wouldn't go away, but paralyzing pain.  I told Cody last night to make sure he had his phone nearby in case I called him because I couldn't get out of bed.  Yes, that bad. 
  • But, I got in this morning to the chiropractor, who, saw by just looking at the area of pain that it was swollen.  A few cracks and pops later, it's not paralyzing, needs some heat and another visit next week.  
  • Just another reminder that I'm old and broken.
  • I saved nearly $100 getting my hair touched up by a friend of a friend this week.  Steal of a deal. 
  • I am officially declaring Kinsley potty trained.  Yes, I picked the worst week possible to take on this stubborn child.  Don't believe me?  Here is a view:
  • 5 days accident free that to me equals potty trained.  And, I will dedicate a post to the whole process, because Addy had one when she conquered it (which was so much easier).  
  • Today will be the last day that Addy will be accepting questions for her birthday interview, so think hard.  

  • And, I'm sticking in a shameless plug for Scentsy.  A friend of mine is hosing a basket party and there are loads of new spring/summer scents out.  Plus, it would make a really great mother's day gift.  The party is open until the 15th of this month, as in next Friday.  If you want to place an order or have any questions, just let me know.  
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  1. ms addy now that you have another year in and under your belt can you tell me what was the best day this year? what do you want to do this coming year now your a whole year older? do you enjoy your brother and sister more now your older? or less? your favorite thing about your new house? your favorite food? drink? special treat? do you have anything you want to say to me? ask me?

  2. I know...we're probably screwed next week too. Husband has to go into work on Monday b/c they're "not sure" which programs are considered essential. Don't you think they'd have a list somewhere??? DUH!!!

    I kind of love her stubborn little face. I'm sure it gets on your nerves most days, but you're going to be looking at it for many years to come! You should do a whole collage of that face!

  3. I have a lot of thoughts on that whole situation, but I'll just sum it up...our government needs to put on their big boy pants!

    Yay Kinsley!

    Woohoo to saving money! Hope your back gets better!

  4. Yay for K! It was so hard to potty train both of my girls. They were just so stubborn. Allison still wears diapers to bed at night. I guess I should start trying some night-time training before too long. With Lauren, I used to set a clock for about 2 AM and go in her room to take her to the bathroom. I was able to stop doing that sometime around when she turned 5. I'm just not feeling up to getting myself up in the middle of the night with Allison right now. Maybe this summer.............
    I'm sorry about all the sickness, pain, and worry in your house lately. You are way overdue for a string of good luck. I'm glad to hear that your tenants paid though. You hadn't mentioned anything about the GA house lately, so I wasn't sure if you ever got that situation resolved. I know it was a rough start.

  5. Horray for potty training. I seriously need to get on it. I am loving my Scentsy stuff, by the way!


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