Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to make a birthday cake (or not)

1. Purchase all supplies at least a couple days in advance
2. Bake cake two days before birthday
3. Have a couple of drinks
4. Forget that you were supposed to make (refer to number 3)
5. Wake up the next day and realize you forgot to make the cake
6. Bake cake before prepping breakfast
7. While cake is cooling, enjoy the warmer weather
8. During naps start prepping the buttercream frosting
9. After the allotted time, notice that the frosting is not thickening
10.Check the box and realize it is whipped topping
11.Head to the store and buy the correct frosting
12.Lose one of the two colors you need
13.Correct missing color with random food coloring and make it work
14.Spend nearly 2 hours squeezing frosting onto the cake causing hand cramping
15.Finish cake by writing the child's name on the cake
16.Clean up the huge mess that YOU created
17.Show the finished cake to the soon to be birthday child and see their smile light up the room

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with my 4 year old.


  1. Lol at the drinks! Been there, done that ;-)

    Good job recovering and getting the cake done! The look on her face made it all worth it! Can't wait to see Addy's answers!

  2. Thanks for the giggles! Trust me, I've been there with the drinks as well. My story would end with one of my dogs somehow getting at the cake and consuming it though. Good luck with the rest! Can't wait to read Addy's responses!

  3. happy birthday...aprill the 1th birthday are the best.


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