Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talking Tuesday #10 - Hard life

Hubby was able to miss work if he went fishing, yes, you read that right.  So, he went fishing with some guys from work and even brought Eligh along for the day.  The boys were gone from morning until mid afternoon.  Soon as they got back towards home they met me and the girls at Addy's friend's house to celebrate her birthday, which involved the kids playing outside for a couple of hours (bikes, motorized vehicles, treasure hunting, sand digging, etc).  We all ate dinner, had cake, opened gifts, and then Cody and I took the twins to their first t-ball practice (instructional practice inside a gym).

After t-ball, we had to go pick up Addy. 

As we were driving I asked Eligh, "Hey, bud, did you have a good day today?"

Eligh:  "It was a hard day, mom."

To be young again and only have to play all day....


  1. So glad they got to go fishing, even if it was a hard day ;)

  2. Nice father-son bonding...the Crazies keep complaining about not wanting to get "tired out." I kid you not.


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