Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - end of March edition

  • I went to a JBF sale this week and left with two purchases.  It was definitely more for the babies than my tots.  
  • I set up the twins to be screened for three year old prek.  Won't happen for a couple of months nor will we know anything for even longer.  
  • I finally got the girls' dance pictures and it's some serious cuteness. 
  • Kinsley had a follow up for her asthma and we are back to treating her for asthma and reflux.  I'm tired of these wait and see trials.  
  • The foot doc wouldn't let me get another steroid shot because as she said, "It will just mask the pain."  Duh, that's what I want!  But, she did give me a brace to wear, instructions to always wear shoes (even at home), and new insoles.  I wore the brace that entire day and my foot has felt fine ever since.  I'm not going to wear shoes all day and putting the new insoles in gave me a blister on my "healthy" foot.  
  • I ran 2.5 miles today outside on a trail through the woods that consisted of some pretty steep hills and an entire path of small gravel.  I ran the entire thing, not fast by any means, but I didn't stop once to walk.  Yes, I'm tooting my own horn.  
  • Cody and I are attempting to grow flowers this year and have everything planted and watered.  My vegetable plants are awaiting to be transferred.  
  • Addy had a couple rough days this week of being overly emotional that required quite a bit of tough love.  
  • Eligh was not a fan of the mohawk daddy tried cutting for him, even though he thought he looked pretty good.  Now he is nearly bald and even though he wants to look like daddy, he keeps trying to pull his stubble to make it grow.
Go stop by our host, Danifred, and wish her Tot a Happy Birthday.     


  1. 2.5 miles of continuous running? You rock! Toot that horn, girl. You've earned it!

    I hate wait and see trials, too. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Stopping by from FNL!

    I hate running but I wish I could love it, I would be so much thinner;)

  3. Stopping by from FNL- congrats on the run! I WALKED (never broke into a run once) 5k this morning and thought I was going to keel over, so I've got respect for the runners. To SOC's point, I'd be much thinner if I didn't hate and avoid it so much. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Oh how I love a little boy's mohawk!


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