Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - too tired edition

  • This week was Addy's spring break.
  • It started great and ended poorly. 
  • The kids and I spent many days outside enjoying the weather. 
  • Shorts and t-shirt weather in March.  What?!
  • I sorted through all the summer clothes and organized items to yard sale.  
  • Yesterday morning Addy started vomiting all day.  
  • She fell asleep around midnight. 
  • We all woke up to a thunderstorm and two little ones climbing in the bed who we later moved to Eligh's room where they stayed.  
  • Addy woke up screaming in pain again.  But, then I found a massive hive like rash on her face and neck.  
  • Took her to the ER - eight hours later with three of those involving me juggling the twins and Addy at the same time and it is a virus that caused the hive.  Interesting.  
  • Any way, I'm cross-eyed tired and still fighting a cold hopefully the weekend turns around.  
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  1. Sorry things turned out so poorly. I can't imagine having to juggle everyone in the ER. Hopefully everyone will be on the mend and this nice weather will continue so you can enjoy it.

  2. You need a break! Surely with all this sickness and pain, you guys should be home free for years.


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