Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dodged lightning strike

I have not been to church in a super long time and to be honest was wanting to switch my religions (I still do, but a certain someone is up my arse about it, so I simply can't). 

So...this morning Addy and I went (her first time) and boy does that girl have a lot of questions.  Here are just a few of the many I heard during our hour long church experience:
"What is a bloodline?"
"Who died?"
"Why did they die?"
"Why is that girl dressed like that?"
"Do I have to drink blood?"  
 And of course...."How much longer?"

But, the important thing is I did not get struck by lightning from my lack of visiting and even though the sermon was waaaaayyyy too heavy for my first visit back (post coming  very soon), it felt good to be there.  Baby steps for now.  Baby steps. 

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  1. I think about taking my kids to church all the time. I just struggle with religion and don't know where to go.


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