Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Notice who is on Addy's shirt? She is just a tad obsessed with this princess and has been asking to have hair like Rapunzel.  I took Addy for just a trim last week and explained that in order for her hair to grow she has to trim it just a little.  I did NOT force her to chop it off, I did tell her that short would also look cute, but she could have it any way she wanted.  Short is what SHE chose.  Addy has now informed me that when her hair gets long, she wants to cut it again, because "It's cute, mommy."  I agree.  


  1. I love Tot with shorter hair, but she insists on wanting it long.

    A's hair looks super cute short!

  2. I love it!!!!

    Oh, and I totally get the obsession with princesses!


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