Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - sick + rain = crazy mommy

  • I keep a pretty clean, organized house from top to bottom.  It does need to be dusted, but overall my house is pretty damn clean (especially in comparison to some houses I have seen lately).  
  • Why the beep do my children get sick all.the.damn.time?!
  • Just finished Addy sick last weekend, and then bam Eligh is sick.  
  • I took him in for a rash around his ear and neck along with a complaint of his ear hurting, nothing else.  No fever, cold symptoms, NADA.  We leave with him being diagnosed with a DOUBLE ear infection.  WTF?!  
  • Two hours after leaving the doc and getting meds we get home and deal with an over 104 fever, at one point it was nearing 106.  I was nearing panic mode.  
  •  Yesterday he vomited twice and refused his meds.  Doc switched the meds.  
  • Today he woke up with red bumps all over the back of his head, neck, back, shoulders and a low fever.  He didn't eat until lunch and threw up his entire dinner.  
  • I also went to the doc for foot pain (same as last summer) which I'm hoping will include another steroid shot and I'll be good for another 10 months.  I also mentioned my two+ week cold, and left with three meds and a diagnosis of bronchitis.  
  • On top of the crazy sick, it has rained nearly every single day this week.  I'm going to stir crazy and need to get out of this house ASAP!
  • Cody is working this Saturday along with many more Saturdays which just makes my weeks even longer.  
  • This mommy is going crazy. 
  • The end.
Hopefully if you click over to our host, Danifred, you will read something a little more uplifting.  


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