Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cute Baby Saturday - Triplets/Twins???

Yes, these two girls are dressed alike on this particular day.  Do you notice the height difference?  It's pretty substantial.  They are not twins.  When out and about we get asked at least twice if the girls are twins, no matter how they are dressed.  

And these three together, are definitely NOT triplets.  Again, see the height difference.  I know they all look alike, because duh, they are siblings.  

I agree Eligh, they need to get it right.  The two little ones, yes, they are the twins.  There are plenty of boy/girl twins in this world, don't assume that just because there are two girls they are the twins.  

People don't you know that assuming makes YOU look like an ass, NOT me?!


  1. My nieces are twins and there's three inches difference between them. They're 9 right now and my one niece has always been at least a head taller than her sister. It is possible.

  2. I get asked all the time these days if I have triplets. Granted, Lizzie and Alex are pretty much the same height with Emily being a bit shorter. Either that or they think Alex and Lizzie are the twins. Fun fun.


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