Sunday, January 22, 2012

Close your mouth

A further explanation:

Cody and I were discussing how we feel bad/sad for Eligh, as the girls like to leave him out all the time.  The girls are as close as can be and have been confused as twins more often then Kinsley and Eligh.  For example, twice on Friday within a ten minute time frame.  If Addyson says or does something, Kinsley follows right along.  The girls are often found hiding out in Addy's room attempting to keep Eligh out.  Eligh turns to us, mom and dad, to play with him in his room.  We try, we really do, but there are times we are in the middle of the dinner and simply can't.  We also try make the girls play nicely with him.  The girls are not always mean to him or ignore him, but Addyson really does not like for him to be in her room any more.

Cody:  "I feel bad for Eligh being the only boy.  It would be nice if he had a brother."  
Me:  (Picking jaw up off the floor) "Hell to the NO.  I am done.  No more."
Cody:  "I know, so am I.  He just needs a playmate."  

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