Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend questions

I have a migraine, so I'm keeping it simple.  
Random questions based upon the weekend only. 

1.  How often do you change the kids' sheets?  Do you have a set day?  
2.  How often do you change your own sheets?  
3.  Do you/family attend church?
4.  Do you cook a big breakfast?
5.  Do you rest or clean?

My answers

1.  How often do you change the kids' sheets?  Do you have a set day?  It's either Saturday or Sunday every single week.  If the kids have a bath on Saturday the sheets get  changed out on Saturdays, if their bath is on Sunday, they get changed Sunday

2.  How often do you change your own sheets?  When I think about it, probably every two weeks.

3.  Do you/family attend church?  No, but I keep telling myself I'm going to start.
4.  Do you cook a big breakfast?  If hubby lets me.  I am huge fan of breakfast, he would rather eat a bowl of cereal.  Booooring.  
5.  Do you rest or clean?  Varies from week to week.  If I save the cleaning for the weekend, then Cody helps (score).  If not, we play with the kids and stay in comfy clothes/pjs all day. 


  1. I change the girls' sheets every Saturday.

    I change our sheets every Sunday.

    No, we're both agnostic.

    Yes. Saturdays we have smoothies, hard boiled eggs and toast and Sundays we have pancakes.

    We typically rest because I get the cleaning done during the week. I do the laundry on weekends though.

  2. We actually have maids who come every Friday and they change all the sheets in the house (and I consider this the one luxury that I couldn't consider eliminating!)

    Every Friday

    Our older son really likes church and goes when at grandparents, but haven't found a good fit in town. I'm more or less an agnostic who happens to really enjoy church and my husband is an atheist, so a bit hard.

    Waffles or pancakes is about as big as it gets...

    A mix of rest, cleaning and extra fun things.

  3. You are much better than I am about the sheets. I seems to do it whenever I happen to think about it. It doesn't help that Tot's bed is so difficult to make though.


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