Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend sleeping arrangements

I am not one of those cool parents that lets their kiddos stay up late on the weekends or eat junk all day long.  No, I am not.  We pretty much stick to our routine of naps and family dinners.  If we have plans that interfere with naps, it's ok at this point to allow them to skip the naps, but it can't be both days or the fighting and whining increases.   

So instead, we allow them to sleep in the same room for a night or two on the weekends.  If they have had a rough day then the sleepover may not happen until the next night or weekend. 

Do you think this is a fair compromise?  Do you do anything different on the weekends with your kiddos?   


  1. I think that's really cool. We don't do anything different on the weekends, but I like that idea!

  2. I think that's a good idea. Sometimes they have a later bedtime, but not by much. We need that sleep schedule just as much as they do!

  3. very reasonable carrie i am in the mist of pure and utter chaos since thanksgiving our schedules and sleeping arrangments were messed up traveling with the hilidays illness, repairs...and i ended up with three over tierd, crabby over emotional very sick new poor behaviors learnt and trouble self soothing this all from really two good months of flying by the seat of our girls although never great lengthly sleepers are well were good soothers and adheared to schedules on thier own with little or no prompting, we are back in boot camp mode and we will very wisely choose and deny any activities and respect this what seems to be a simple activity of daily living...i havent even touched on the fact that tom and i hardly even saw wach other through the holidays due to the chaos. no kuddos to you for your persistence, i do think that throwing a change here and there helps with adjusting cause i was so ridget that i think this is what started thier "breakdown" im going to do the inroom sleeping on a weekend here and there that is if i can get anneleise to let one of her sisters touch her...yugggg yep shes 5 going on 15...


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