Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toddler activities

My three children keep their mommy and daddy very busy with all the activities they NEED want to do. 

A list of all that they enjoy at their current ages:  4, 3, & 3:

  • Puzzles
    • Floor size puzzles
    • Smaller pieced puzzles for Addy
    • Wood puzzles
    • Dress up puzzles

    • Coloring
      • We have a two-sided easel (marker on one side, chalk on the other)
      • Each have their own smaller marker board (Christmas gift = less fighting)
      • Books 
      • Color Wonders
      • Plain old paper and utensils
    • Games
      • Red Rover
      • Duck 
      • Go fishing
      • Memory
      • Limbo (not a fan, takes time to set up)
      • Candy Land (Santa gift)
      • Chutes and Ladders (Santa gift)
      • Ice cream game (only a two player game)
      • Uno Moo
      • Hungry, Hungry Hippo (Santa gift)
      • Honeybee 
      • Don't Spill the Beans
      • Pizza 
      • Wii (their favorites listed below)
        • Mario Kart
        • Smurf dance party
        • Bass Pro fishing
    *This cabinet stays locked up unless daddy or mommy open it and are in the same room as the children during activities.  All coloring supplies have moved to a three drawer container for easy access for the children.  And, there are more puzzles on a bookshelf in another room.  Three kids = way too much stuff.


      1. I'm not showing my kids this post, they'll want to come live at your house!

      2. Wow- you guys have lots of games. I really need to get better about playing games with my girls.


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