Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ridiculously tired

Why is it that around 8:30 every night I'm cross-eyed tired.  I don't do that much to make me this tired. 

Example of today's events:
Assist kiddos getting dressed and brushing with teeth
Make breakfast
Take Addy to school
Walk two hilly, curvy miles while pushing the twins in their stroller
Laundry, laundry
Pick up Addy from school
Fix lunches
Read each kiddo a story and put them down for naps
Homework (reading for two hours straight - booooring)
Help Addy with homework
Color with kiddos
Let kiddos watch a movie
Cook dinner
Baths for the girls
Play three games with the girls
Color with the girls
Bed time for the girls
Eligh comes home, give him dessert
Get Eligh to bed
More homework 

Too tired to finish homework, blog instead. 


  1. It's amazing what we can get done in a day (and what STILL needs to get done). No wonder we're always so tired.

  2. It's a lot...don't sell yourself short. I just wonder if I'm going to be like the walking dead when I go back to work (I don't know how those ladies do it).


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