Sunday, January 15, 2012


Cody:  "Hey, is that a...?
Me:  "What?  What are you looking at?"
Cody:  "You have one gray hair." 
Me:  "Thanks for pointing it out, ass hole.  I already know." 
Cody:  "Wow you aren't even 30 and already have your first gray hair." 
Me:  (Really wanting to put a fist in the hubby's big mouth) "Well, at least I still have hair, as you lost yours by the age of 21.  So, shove it, you old fart."


  1. Nice...what I love about you two is how in love you still are. I have a multitude of gray hairs. It's the worst!

  2. But still better than not having any hair at all!

  3. Frank and I had that same damned conversation a few years ago. Hilarious!

  4. Was it really the first one? Or just the first one he noticed?

    I've had a patch of about eight white hairs since I was six. I like to find them and point them out when I need to be distinguished. (they actually grow out of a scar, but I gloss over that fact)

  5. L has had grey hairs since he was 22. At least, that was when I first noticed. I'm 32 and fon't have any yet. Trust me, you're plenty young!


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