Thursday, January 19, 2012

The age of five in Addy's eyes

In Addyson's eyes the following will happen when she reaches age five (three months away - sigh):
  • No more naps
  • All day school where mommy will miss me
  • Swimming without a vest
  • Riding a bike without training wheels
  • Get bigger
Each of these milestones is a little scary, to me, and this is why when someone asks her how old she is, she promptly responds:
"I'm four, but I'm going to be five soon.  My mommy doesn't want me to be five; and wants me to be little forever."


  1. That is a lot to all happen at one time! Where is she in the bike balancing process?

  2. Her response is so sweet. Is she still napping?!?!

  3. I'm so not ready for five either :(

  4. I love her response. You need to get that on tape. Do we even call it "tapa" anymore?

    I'm with Tompkins she still napping??


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