Thursday, May 26, 2011

Piggy Banks

A tradition my younger sister started was buying each of her nephews and nieces a piggy bank. The twins got lumped together with one massive "twin" piggy bank. 

All three of my crazy monkeys love to put "monies" in their piggy bank, which happens rarely (considering in 4 years I have never cashed Addy's in), which makes it all the more special to them.  If they find "monies" it is a finders keepers game.  Other times they earn money from grandma and grandpa for little tasks they accomplish around the house (picking up sticks, helping put away dishes, cleaning, etc).

Addy's piggy bank has been full for quite some time and I have been saying we would take their money in for cash to buy any toy they could afford with their money.  Today became that day. 

The three of them each ended up with $20 a piece and after letting me run a few other errands, the hunt for their own special toy with their own money began.  Addy was the easiest - a ridiculously small doll with little clothes and another pair of hooker princess shoes.  Kinsley was browsing, but nothing was grabbing her attention.  So, I took a break from the girl toys and headed to the boy toys and Eligh was in heaven with all of the new "Cars" gear, and found a set of four new "Cars."  Another 3 million rotations through the toy aisles and Kinsley finally set her eyes on a musical picnic basket with food, cups, blanket, and utensils for two. 

And now we have two empty piggy banks waiting to be filled with good deeds, chores, and helpful hands. 


  1. Bo has one that we haven't cashed in yet. Neither of the girls have a bank yet -- I may have to add this to their wish lists. :) Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad they enjoyed spending their hard earned cash!

  2. I love that you did this. I really need to start teaching my girls about money. They think it all comes from Daddy's pockets.

  3. It is a finders keepers game in my house too!


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