Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answers, answers, answers

You all are killing me!  I want someone to win, dammit!  Here are the correct responses from last week and I'll give your morale a rest and we will try this sometime next week, the week after, etc (until someone wins). 

1.  Yuuuur a pig Kinslaaaay.  K/A (see I even gave this one to you)
2.  (Addressing the gate patrol)  I don't know why I'm here. E
3.  Will you please call me Rapunzel, the lost princess?  A
4.  I farted and it was a quiet one.  A
5.  I'm not going to close my eyes!!  K

Moving on.......

The answers to some recent questions:

1. How has your foot been doing?? You described it as "gimp." Is it still hurting lots?
    My foot hurts daily, especially after I have been sitting or laying down for a bit.  All.the.damn.time.  I won't know what is going on with it until sometime next month after I have a bone scan completed.  Until then, I just have to deal as I have been for the past 6 months, but it doesn't mean it isn't annoying since it has been in pain for so long. 
2.  What does your forever home look like? Does it matter where? How many bedrooms? What features?
     A two story home with a full basement (finished or capable of being finished).  I want the house to be on some what of a flat property.  If it is in a subdivision I want a fenced in yard, if not, than away from the road a good ways.  I want a front patio to allow for a swing or chairs, four+ bedrooms.  Space for an office and a toy room, a garage, two and a half bath, with the master including dual sinks and a BIG tub (large enough to fit Cody - this is something he wants, as nothing we have lived in has had that feature).  I want a deck/patio out back to allow for grilling and outdoor eating, oh, and an island in the kitchen.  Nothing too extravagant, really, just space for all of us.  

3.  I like the new hair color. Is it close to your natural color?
     My natural hair color was blond, and eventually starting changing to a dirty blond color (similar to Addy's hair color), but the shade of dirty blond and texture of my hair makes it look more dirty than dirty blond.  It is going to stay somewhere in the shade of brown permanently.

Here are some questions for you all:  
1.  Who do you WANT to win American Idol?  (I know who I DON'T want to win and I wish I could kick her cocky attitude off the stage myself). 
2.  Who watched "Real Housewives of New Jersey" this week?  (The season looks ridiculous - I can't wait!) 



  1. I hope you get some answers for your foot. I know you said you want to do a 5k, but maybe you should hold off on that for awhile.

    I don't watch American Idol anymore. I'll catch bits and pieces from time to time. I watch The Voice. Love it! Have you seen it?

    No cable here, so I don't watch Housewives either.

  2. YAY! My question made it on the list :)
    I want Lauren to win American Idol. I heart her!

  3. I love your hair. I think it looks wonderful and totally compliments you.

    I watched NJ last week. What a train wreck!


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