Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pfftt...we will try this again

Last week I asked you to play along in a little game to see if you could guess who said what.  Here are the statements/questions with the correct answers (which NO ONE got right -sigh).

1.  "Mommy, please tell me not to pick my nose again.  It hurts."  Addyson
2.  "Eligh, just be patient."  Addyson

3.  "Well, I'm not going to listen to you.  I'm NOT!"  Kinsley
4.  "Will you please take a picture of my big guns?  PLEASE?!"  Eligh

5.  "Yuuuur mad at me." Kinsley

So....we will try again.  I really want to give one of you a little prize, so put your thinking hats on and try to win "Who said that?  Yes, that."  Number your responses (1-5).  Hint:  each child's name is used at least once.  Good luck! 

1.  Yuuuur a pig Kinslaaaay.  
2.  (Addressing the gate patrol)  I don't know why I'm here.
3.  Will you please call me Rapunzel, the lost princess? 
4.  I farted and it was a quiet one.
5.  I'm not going to close my eyes!!!   



  1. Oh I am so gonna suck on this one too......

    1. E
    2. A
    3. A
    4. K
    5. E...or A.....or K!

  2. Ok, here goes:
    1. E
    2. A
    3. A
    4. E
    5. K

  3. 1. Addy
    2. Addy
    3. Addy
    4. Eligh
    5. Kinsley


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