Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • More times than not I look forward to the weekend because Cody is home to help or completely handle the morning madness.  This weekend is not really a weekend. 
  • Cody has to work tomorrow, is off Sunday,  and Monday he will be acting as the color guard for a memorial service on post.  So the morning madness will continue to be me and only me.  
  • Eligh picked out new big boy underwear and matching stickers this week to begin potty training shortly.  Any guesses on what he chose?  
  • As much as I want the diaper days to be long gone, I am NOT looking forward to training Eligh.  He takes a lot longer than the girls to really "get" things.  For example, he CANNOT spit toothpaste out, no matter how hard I try to keep his mouth open to stop him from gulping down the paste.  He will have to go back to the baby toothpaste for a tad longer.  Yep, this is going to suck.  
  • We have some interesting sleeping arrangements this week.  Two nap days turned into Eligh sleeping in our bed, Kinsley sleeping in Eligh's bed, and Addy staying in her bed.  PIA.  
  • On one of Addy's many trips to the bathroom before finally falling asleep she said the following, "Mommy, just relax.  I am ONLY going potty.  Ok?"  Woah...who runs this house?  Not me. 
  • I really want/NEED to have a yard sale, but don't know if my neighborhood is conducive to this.  If I put up enough signs, people would find it, I think.  What do you think?
  • We are supposed to go see a free showing of "Hop" tonight, but these kids may change my mind.  
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  1. Stopping by from FNL - I am in the same boat with needing to have a yard sale, and I know they would find the house, but man... it's a lot of work!

  2. Here from FNL - I've thought about a yard sale but decided it wasn't worth it. I'll just take it to Goodwill and take teh tax write off.

    The kids run the asylum around here too.

  3. i alos need a yard sale have a great time at the movies

  4. Good luck to Eligh (and Mommy) with the potty training!

    I was gonna hve a yard sale too but decided it probably wasn't worth it so I donated or threw stuff away.

    Argh! Getting so annoyed with blogger lately...I can't seem to post my darn info when I am commdenting!

  5. Good luck with potty training... I'm currently attempting with my 2 year old daughter but she's stubborn and doesn't want to, so I feel your pain.

  6. We decided during our last yard sale that we would never do it again. These days we donate to the Purple Heart. I love bagging stuff up and having it picked up to never return :)

  7. I'll admit it...I caved and did NOTHING about potty training this weekend (as I promised myself that I would). At least you got underwear and stickers.

    I'm pretty sure I'm losing my grip on running my house too :(


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