Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handle it

Addyson comes running up stairs stomping her feet in anger. 

Addyson:  "Mom, mom, mommy!"
Mommy:  "Yes, Addyson."
Addyson:  "Mommy, Eligh and Kinsley have a really BIG mess downstairs, and they won't pick it up!!  You have to go yell at them and tell them they aren't getting any lunch.  Ok?  Because, I picked up all of my toys, see?" (showing me her bag of "junk")
Mommy:  "Ok, Addyson, I'll go downstairs and handle it in a minute.  Ok?"
Addyson:  Points her finger at me; "You handle it.  Ok?"
Mommy:  Chin drops to the floor. 

Addyson heads downstairs and I hear the following

Addyson:  "Hey, you guys?!  You better clean up because mommy is going to come handle it and tell the truth."

Who needs a mother when you have this little one setting the rules?


  1. That sounds JUST like Lauren. I guess it is an older sister thing!


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