Monday, July 25, 2011


A totally random post about seating around the dinner table.

Growing up and still today we had "assigned" seats around my parent's dinner table:
Once we left the house, my parents still kept their seat and even when we come to visit, our seats are always there and welcoming us to remind them of dinner as a family.  My parents have purchased a much larger table they use in the dining room which hosts all the adults during our big holiday dinners as all four of us kids are married except for one.  My parents have eight grandchildren with a ninth to be born in just a couple months.  Now the grandchildren sit around the kitchen table my siblings and I grew up sharing many family dinners together at, with a few added chairs.  
At our kitchen table we have musical chairs at every meal.  No seat is claimed, but we are all together for dinner and sometimes even breakfast and dinner.  Where we sit depends on the children and where they want to sit and who they want to sit by.  I'm ok with not having an assigned seat at our own table, just as long as we are all sitting together that is all that matters (even if meal time is chaotic and sometimes downright stressful).
So, what does your kitchen table look like? Do you have assigned seats?  Is your table filled with "junk?"  Do you even sit down to eat together? 


  1. We have assigned seats, sort of. Presley is in a high chair and Samara is in a booster so not much room for movement! I grew up with assigned seating as well.

    Our table is always clear. But I'm a freakishly neat, borderline OCD person! :)

  2. We do all sit together and we pretty much have our own seats. They aren't necessarily "assigned" it's just where everyone gravitates. For fun, I should sit somewhere different tonight.

    Our table is usually clear, except my laptop.

  3. We have assigned seats and sometimes the kids eat before us for dinner but we all sit down for other meals and dinner whenever we can. I think eating together is an important family activity. Especially since it takes so long to make dinner, we should at least have some enjoyment from the act of eating

  4. We sit down to eat whenever we can...we also have our own seats...mine closest to the kitchen unfortunately!

    On the nights that I tutor, Husband still sits down with them. I love it.

  5. Our table is clear most of the time, except for the decorations in the center. It is round and has six chairs, and we usually sit in the same spot for a while, but then change it up every now and then. Sometimes I have projects on the table (like Lauren's valences right now), but I always move them so we can eat together. The only time we don't is when S is working night shift.


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