Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - back and forth

  • Another week of swimming or visiting the spray parks.  
  • I even took the trio on two different occasions by myself to the pool and spray park.  I feel accomplished (yeah, it's the little things)
  • I'm really tired of certain people in my life and am thinking of washing my hands of them.  People change. 
  • I miss a couple great friends horribly.  
  • I picked up two different birthday gifts for the twins (yes, it's still over a month away, but C will be leaving soon so I have to do this before he leaves).  
  • Addy has some new phrases that are irking me, "I've never done xyz before."  You know because doing this activity or whatever it may a week or so ago means it never happened. 
  • I drove over an hour drive to see a specialist who wasn't even the right specialist to be referred to someone else (which will be a completely different day).  
  • I did a lot of fighting with myself this week and am tired of doing this to myself.  It's just plain stupid and a waste of energy. 
  • If Eligh has his pants down he has to be touching his "junk."  One boy is enough. 
  • I told the husband that I want him to get snipped for my birthday gift.  Do you think this is unreasonable? 

Stop by our fabulous host, Danifred, to see what others are bringing to the table tonight.  


  1. My husband is getting snipped in September! It's fair after pushing 2 big headed babies out my hoo-haw.

  2. My husband got snipped when Allison was about six months old. Sometimes I pine for another baby, but I don't really think I want another one. It's so much work. I just miss having little babies now that my girls are all old and independent.

    Yuck for being referred to the wrong specialist. What a waste of time :(

  3. AHHHHHHHH TOT SAYS THE SAME THING ADDY SAYS!!!! "I've NEVER done/ had/ eaten that before," It makes me nuts. She thinks it's a ploy to get what she wants, of course.

  4. OMG...worst birthday gift ever!!! Hahahahahahaaaa...that's hysterical! Love that you're taking them to the's not that bad, right?

    Touching junk sends me over the edge...

  5. I've been referred to the wrong doctor too. It really pisses me off because it's like the GP doesn't even take the time to find the right Dr. but instead just pulls a couple names out of a catalog.

    Oh, and about Eligh, Alex does the same thing. Ugh.

    My hubby is getting snipped in a couple weeks! Three is definitely enough!


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