Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beaten down

A rundown of the past three days:
  • Tuesday 
    • Leave IL around 7 a.m. (Cody, myself, and my younger sister).  Monkeys stay with my parents. 
    • Arrive in MO near 1:30 p.m.  We load up our personal vehicles with the kids' mattresses and bed frames. 
    • Sign the lease at 4 p.m. which takes nearly an hour. 
    • Unload and put together beds.  
    • My sister and I run to the store for a few items.  Cody finishes up the beds and other odds and ends. 
    • After dinner, we load up the vehicles again, as I forgot our "moving buddies" to help assist moving large items.  
    • We pass out around midnight.  
  • Wednesday
    • Load up the vehicles and Cody and I drive over more furniture. 
    • Head back to the old house, drop off a vehicle, and go pick up the moving truck. 
    • Spend 4 hours loading up all our crap causing me on nasty wound from getting my leg stuck between some old wooden planks.  
    • Unload the vehicle for the next 3 hours 
    • Put together our bed and do some very minor organizing and head to bed again, near midnight.
  •  Today
    • Wake up at 6 (what the freak is with me waking up so early even though the kids are not even here?).  
    • Cody and I drop off the moving truck and go to the old house.  
    • We load up both vehicles with everything but a sink full of clean dishes, a closet full of jackets, and military gear 
    • We have all the rooms "set up" and just have to put up the wall decorations and pictures, break down some boxes, and eventually organize our office area in our bedroom and a few minor items need to be moved around outside.  
  • Not too bad for really just two days of moving.  I am sore, tired, aching in places I haven't ached in, in forever, but most importantly I miss my three crazy monkeys and can't wait until tomorrow when they are here.  

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  1. This is why I hope to never move again. My hubby is entertaining the idea of applying for the GBI, and if he does, we might have to move. I don't know how I would feel about leaving all of our family and friends. I don't make friends easily, and I do NOT want to leave. But, I love him the most, so I would. Hopefully he will decide not to apply!

    I hope your leg heals quickly!!!


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