Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why having three small children potty trained sucks

Slap me if you want, but now having three small children potty training is a pain in the ass. 

A list of times when having potty trained children sucks
  • Eating out includes 31 bathroom trips.  
    • Solution:  Skip eating out as a family all together OR
    • Bag up your food so you can eat it on the drive home or when you finally arrive home
  • Traveling includes pulling over for potty breaks every 15 minutes
    • Solution:  Never travel with small children OR
    • Keep a potty seat in the vehicle at all times
  •  Fighting over who is going to use the potty
    • Solution:  Have bathroom stalls built into one bathroom for as many children as you have
    • OR Work on having your children learn how to wait their turn
  •  Toilet is flushed 551 times a day
  • Someone is always yelling "I need to go potty/poop"
  • I'm still wiping (poopy only) booties, which is always at the most inconvenient time
With each milestone comes another challenge....


  1. I can't imagine with 3. Even 1 is a pain in the bum. I constantly find myself thinking it was easier when she just went in a diaper wherever!

  2. Yikes...3 at once must be super difficult, as you can't really "budget" time the way you'd like to. Hang in there, friend!

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  4. I was just saying that to a friend of mine! We were missing the convenience of diapers. I mean, I am sure that potty training is eventually more convenient, but it SO isn't yet.

  5. omgomgomg...thanks for making me feel like I've made a HUGE mistake this week! ;) I'm screwed!


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