Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Talking Tuesday

Kinsley:  "I love your butt."
Mommy:  "You love my butt?"
Kinsley:  "Yes.  I love your face."  
Mommy:  "Thank you, I love your face, and I love you."

Eligh:  "Mommy, I like you."
Mommy:  "I love you."
Eligh:  "You're beautiful."
Mommy:  "Thank you."
Eligh:  "You're welcome."

Addy:  "I want a special kiss."
Mommy:  "Ok."  

Daddy has been cutting Eligh's hair lately.
Daddy:  "Do you like your hair cut?"
Eligh:  "Yep.  Now, I'm handsome."

The monkeys are all about earning money lately, you know since we drained their piggy banks.
Mommy:  "Addyson, can you grab that bottle of sunscreen for me please?" 
Addy:  "Sure.  And then, you'll tell me thank you and I'll say you're welcome and you can give me money for doing something nice."


  1. Awesome! My 2 favs---loving your butt, and getting $$ for doing something nice. :)


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