Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talking Tuesday #2

I am so inconsistent, I know.  I used to do sticky notes on Tuesdays with some truths posted, and I will when I feel like I have something I need to admit, but lately these kids have been saying some pretty ridiculous statements that I have to share. 

In the van driving
Eligh:  "Mom!!!!  She won't get away from me!"
Mom:  "Who?"
Eligh:  "The sun." 

Daddy:  "Eligh, you want a knuckle sandwich?"
Eligh:  "No, it's too messy."

Addy:  "Mommy, can we go to the zoo today?"
Mommy:  "Not today, but maybe soon we'll go back again."
Addy:  "You never take me to the zoo alot of times." 

Kinsley is crying in the van
Addy:  "The ambulance is going to come and get you if you don't stop crying." 


  1. Wow! I'm cracking up at all of these :-) Especially the sun!

  2. ahh carrie my kiddlets say things off the wall like this too and im like really? where in the world? then im like okay well at least they have a sense of humor of they really listen to use caue i know i make up some crazy stuff to get one off target from another with out scaring them or telling one more than they need to know...our kick right now is heaven..and death... know how many times the owrd die comes up in a day....lol guess these are the moments that we get to hear what we sound like to them!

  3. Lizzie keeps telling the twins when they do some naughty that the police are going to come and put them in jail!

  4. We use knuckle sandwich here as well. I love the stuff they say!


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