Monday, June 6, 2011

It's time, it really is

Tomorrow morning the 3 hour drive to send Addy to grandma's for a week begins.  I really, really, really can't imagine her gone for that long at all and am going to be sad (yes, because I am a wimp like that).  But, tonight made me realize that it NEEDS to happen, and here is why. 

Cody reads the monkeys a story, I brush their teeth, and pinch their booties until they get into their beds, kisses, no-neeees, and hugs for all, and we close the doors.  Cody and I jump out the front door to put the cover on the pool and clean up some of the bigger toys we keep in the garage, and as I come back inside I hear Kinsley being her loud-mouth self, so I whip her door open to be mean, but instead see Addy crying. 

Mommy:  "Addy, what's wrong?"
Addy:  "I don't want you to go." (full on tears)
Mommy:  "I'm not going any where.  See....I'm wearing my jammies."
Addy:  Checks out and even feels the jammies for proof.  "Please don't go."
Mommy:  "I am not going any where, ok?  There is nothing to be sad about."
Addy:  "Can you please sleep on the couch tonight and not in your bed?"
Mommy:  "Sure.  Are you all better now?"
Addy:  "Can you lay down with me for a little bit?"
Mommy:  "Of course I can."

She has this thing lately of wanting me to sleep on the couch (as it would be on the same level as the kids' bedrooms, and she needs this security.  She has also been having some random nightmares the past couple of weeks that have resulted in her sleeping on the futon in the toy room, which is next to our bedroom.  She needs me, and I love that this need is still there, but she also needs some space away from mommy to I hope help her cope with not being with my 24/7.  Lord, help ME when PreK starts this fall. 


  1. I wonder how she'll do having a week away with the nightmares and stuff.

    I can't wait til someone can take the Crazies for a week...I just can't wait!

  2. I wonder if this is an age thing because Allison has been super clingy with me lately. Luckily, she isn't having nightmares, but she does follow me around the house, while holding my shirt. And, if I say I am going somewhere, she grabs my arm and tells me I can't leave her. Today, she cried because she thought I was going to leave her at home when Lauren and I went to Hinesville. I'm pretty sure Lauren had something to do with that though. As if I would leave Allison home alone.
    I hope this separation is good for both of you. It will be hard though. The longest I've been away from my kids is four days, and I could not wait to get back to them!


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