Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to wear EVERY one out

Cody has been off of work the past three days (he did have to go in at the butt crack of dawn this morning, but was off for the day at 8).  So, we have been wearing ourselves out, and I thought you all would want a list of how to wear your own kids out, you know in case you didn't know how to do this already:

  • Take all of your children to the dentist at the same time right before lunch
  • Make sure the dentist's office is kid friendly and has toys and books 
  • These books will be read through at least twice by each child
  • Take the kids home and whip up a lunch (30+ minutes past normal time)
  • Naps begin nearly an hour past normal time
  • Have them sleep 3 hour long naps
  • Tease them by driving past a spray park
  • Have them convince you to go home and get their swimsuits
  • Go to a free spray park/pool at 5 (prime dinner time at this house)
  • Sit down to eat dinner at 7 
  • Get everyone to bed an hour+ past normal bedtime
  • Decide that your children do not need a nap (since they napped so long the previous day)
  • Take them back to the spray place/pool as soon as they open (after lunch)
  • Swim for 2 hours
  • Drive to a different spray park which also has a playground
  • Feed them a small snack and water
  • Let them play for another hour
  • Three hours total of swimming/playing in the sun (don't worry we are a sunscreen family)
  • Have the children do small chores (shucking corn and sweeping)
  • Prepare and eat dinner
  • Make a fire and have s'mores 
  • Get everyone inside, bathed, and in to bed 30 minutes before "normal" bedtime
  • Sleep occurs for the majority 15 minutes upon hitting the sheets


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