Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Big guns, monkey diapers, and bumps

  • After seven years with the same insurance company I have finally motivated myself to look around and I'm now kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  We will be saving $400 a year when we make the official switch.  Don't be like me, take the time to look around. 
  • We may be moving before the summer is over. 
  • All three of the monkeys like to ask quite frequently while flexing, "You like to see my big guns?"  I wonder who taught them that?
  • I have figured out how to save money on diapers when a child is still wearing them, just let him run around peeing repeatedly on the bench at the table and even on the bathroom floor.  "I want to wear my monkey diaper, mommy."  Banging head against wall.
  • In a few short days Addy is going to be getting spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa.  We are meeting half way for a drop off and she will be staying solo for the first time for more than a night at someone else's house; like a week.  She will probably be returned to me with a mermaid tail from all the swimming she will get to enjoy.  
  • I am going to miss her like crazy, even her middle of the night nightmares.  
  • I'm thinking I'm going to have to call the doc about E's skin.  He has teeny tiny red bumps all over his chest and back.  We have been doing a lot of swimming and I do use a product on him that has no perfumes, dyes, etc because of his eczema problems as it is, but it's not helping.  Any ideas?  
  • I am losing motivation for my final two weeks of my current class.  I'm procrastinating on my individual assignments, which is so not me.  
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  1. I love the big need to grab a video of that if you haven't. It would be fun for them to see when they're older!

    Spectro eczema wash and cream was recommended to me for P but I have yet to try it. I'm wondering if it's just the chlorine/salt water irritating his skin? Are you showering him off afterwards and reapplying an eczema cream?

  2. I agree. You seriously need a video of the big guns bit.

    Good luck with your move. I hate moving with a true passion.

    BTW, did you know your link under FNL is taking people to your Bust A Myth post instead of here?

  3. K gets weird red bumps too. I chalk it up to dry/sensitiveskin. I lather her arms and legs nightly in eucerin. I bet you will miss Addy's help too. I am sureas a big sister she lends a hand now and then.

  4. I'd love to see the big guns too! Check into possible chlorine allergy. I used to run a pool and noticed little red bumps on the people who came in and swam and then told me later that they were allergic to chlorine. Of course with eczema, it could just be dry skin.

  5. Catching up...

    --LOVED your Memorial Day post, thank you for the reminder of the amazing contribution our armed forces and their families make on a daily basis!

    -Enjoyed your post about the "Hop" movie and the getting to know you 8 ?s.

    -When Em has dry skin it usually clears up with Aquaphor. (Which is expensive, but works, so we buy it when nothing else works.)

    -WAY cool that Addy will get a week with the grandparents by herself...what a big girl! :)

  6. I'd think the chlorine is definitely causing an issue. It can be drying.

    The big guns thing is hysterical.

    What do you do about the nightmares? Matt is having them and I can't get him to calm down to save my life! I know you're not supposed to wake them up, but now he's waking up Hailey (and everyone else in the damn house)!

  7. Where are you moving? Do tell.

    I bet you are going to miss Addy like crazy. We still haven't sent Tot off to stay the night away from us yet. I think I"m just selfish.

  8. We use USAA for insurance. Did you find someone cheaper? I love USAA, but I love saving money more.

    Lauren has eczema, but it has gotten better as she got older. We have precription cream that I use when she has an outbreak. Perhaps you can ask the doctor for some. It might be a steroid cream, but it's the only thing that works. It comes in a blue and white tube and the cream itself is white. I wish I could remember the name. I would check for you, but we are out right now. I'm sure the doctor will have some ideas.

    Gun show- that is freakin hilarious!


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